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Payments/Donations Information

Payments may be remitted directly to the bank also



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Kindly contact “Enquiry Desk” at the temple or contact Mobile / Whatsapp no 8591109906 Email to


This initiative would be a great chance for the devotees to

celebrate important events like birthdays and anniversaries in the temple. This is a

great way by which devotees can be a part of the temple and its progress. Without

doubt they will be recipients of the choicest blessings of the Ever-Compassionate Lord

and all their wishes / aspirations would materialize. To be a part of the NITYA SEVA,

devotees would need to make a nominal donation of Rs.5000/- annually. All life

members, devotees and general public are requested to participate in the “NITYA SEVA”

initiative of Namma Murugan Temple. Each Life member can commit to refer atleast 2

of their friends or relatives for this scheme and can enrol in the scheme.


PAY ONE TIME Rs.5000/- or Pay Rs.500/- per month every year

towards Temple Corpus fund.  We once again make a humble reminder to all those life members who are yet

to make their contribution of Rs.5000/- towards Corpus Fund and propose Rs.10,000/-

as voluntary contribution towards Corpus Funds from Life members. If this proposal is

considered we will be able to get an average contribution of Rs.10 lacs per year which

can be used for covering temple recurring expenses.



Namma Murugan Temple takes a pleasure in inviting you to join its yet another an unique Seva Scheme "SARAVANA BHAVA NIDHI", which is conceived with the idea to augment the resources for the Namma Murugan Temple and meet the day to day operational expenses, thus help usher in a state of self- sustainability in the longer run. In this connection, We request one and all to join the same and support Namma Murugan Temple activites. Monthly Contribution of Rs 500/-  or in multiple, which could become Rs 6000/- per year. In reciprocation of this, you would be entitled to one Kalyana Utsavam for Lord Muruga on a day chosen by you goodselves (Ex. Birthday/ Marriage day as a gift to you loved ones)