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NBS announces its new managing team(committee) for the period 2017 to 2022 ( 5 years) wef 27.8.17 to 31.3.22

 Sri. S.Soundararajan                    -        President
 Sri. J.Sankar                                 -        Vice President  
 Sri. M.Subramaniam                     -        Secretary
 Sri. Prabhu Vaithyanathan           -        Joint Secretary
 Sri. C.V.Subramaniam                 -        Treasurer
 Sri. Ram Parameshwaran            -        Joint  Treasurer
 Sri. K.Ganesan                              -        Committee Member
 Sri. Manikandan                            -        Committee Member
 Sri. N.Krishna Moorthy                 -        Committee Member
 Sri. S.Narayanan                         -        Committee Member
 Sri. Suresh Venkataraman          -        Committee Member
 Smt. Kamala Balakrishnan          -        Committee Member
 Sri. Sarvana Naidu-        Committee Member  
 Sri. Hariharan                              -        Committee Member
 Smt. Kaushalya                           -        Committee Member



Each Member of above team will be allotted with 18 life members for co-ordination.Concerned ECM will be in touch with you through Whats App, SMS or in person will convey you about temple programmes, patiently listen to your suggestions, ideas, grievences and reach the same in EC meetings conducted on every Second Sunday of the month  in temple premises. He will try his level best to find solutions for the same.


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